EMS (electromusic specialist, New York)

EMS is one of the recording aliases of New York native Stephen Machnowski, who has been producing electro since 1994. Using several self-engineered electronic instruments, many of his records are considered "must-have" electromusic classics by top global DJs.

Influenced in the 1980s and early 1990s by the music of the time, EMS was a radio DJ of electronic new wave, industrial and experimental music. He also worked with sound electronics, voice synthesis, and programmed game sounds on the classic Commodore computer.

The initial design of his studio was to have a live setup that he could use to construct songs directly on the dance floor with few pre-written sequences. For this purpose he built several intriguing and powerful electronic instruments, such as synthesizers and drum machines, to offer new live sound possibilities.

EMS's first record was published by Satamile Records in 1996. Satamile is well-known to this day as one of the longest-running and most successful electro labels in New York City. They have published dozens of records and hosted hundreds of events with the most influential global producers in the genre. [www.satamile.com]

Since then, EMS has produced several more records on Satamile and a few tracks on other labels ranging from warm slow-moving melodic pieces to bass-heavy dance floor rippers.

In addition to producing records, EMS was a long-time resident DJ at Satamile's "Static NYC".


Chromatix was a group formed in 1998 by D. Moxon of Spelunk Recordings and EMS in New York City. Together they had several great productions in the studio and performed many live sets. If you caught any of their shows, you may have seen them perform alongside other top electro producers at some Brooklyn warehouse venues as well as some packed New York City clubs. Spelunk Recordings was well-known for their ground-breaking worldwide successes in electro and house.